Positioning Is Everything


If you build it and they don’t come, you need to take a fresh look at your Web positioning strategy

YOU BUILT YOUR BUSINESS WEB SITE by the book–bought an easy-to-remember domain name, registered with a slew of search engines, and added all the right metatags and keywords. Still, visitors are scarce; your online storefront is a great-looking ghost town. What’s wrong?

Chances are you put a lot more time and energy into producing your site than promoting it. From keyword placement to link exchanges and radio and TV tie-ins, our checklist of tips and expert advice should help you pinpoint the problem.


“Roughly 85 [percent] to 90 percent of all new traffic arrives at a site via one of the major search engines,” says Robin Nobels, a Mississippi-based facilitator for Web positioning courses. How can you tell whether your keywords are driving visitors to your site? Type your keyword into Yahoo or Excite; Nobels says your site should appear “within the top …